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This is the last post until I get set up in Sweden. I fly out on Monday but the broadband is going off first thing tomorrow. How will I live?

I'm nervous I think but it's all buried under the knowledge about the packing/sorting I have to do. 2 full days left but still loads to do. On the plus side the cat now has her passport but I'm not moving her over until July. She's going to continue to stay at mum and dad's, driving them mad by galloping round the house at 4 in the morning. She is not the lightest footed of felines.

Just ripping the last of my cds, while I still have an internet connection, on to my hard drive so I can leave most of them behind. Most of the furniture has been given away/sold so I'm sat on a garden chair with things balanced on a very wobbly table that was in the shed and suffered rather badly when the roof leaked in there. That's going to the tip on Sunday. The lawn chairs are coming with me.

Having a leaving do on Sunday at my folks. Lots of family coming. Some of whom I've not seen for an age. I know I've going to another country but it's only 1.5 hours away! I'm quite sure I'll see some of these folks as often as I do now (xmas and a couple of other times a year). Mad really, but quite sweet.

So that's about it. See you all on the flip side.
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