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...but then it's been a long day.

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This news story kind of made me tear up a little. If you're not from the UK you'll probably not know who Tony Hart or Morph are but it's still worth a look, just to see the great creations people made in honor of a great kids TV presenter and real nice guy. He was such a part of everyone's childhood and Morph was his animated sidekick. In fact Morph as animated by Ardman who make Wallace and Gromit.

Fic: Adagio

Mar. 1st, 2009 10:43 pm
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 Title: Adagio
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Nate/Eliot (Leverage)
Spoilers: none
Notes: My first Leverage fic.
Summary: Adagio - in a leisurely manner; slowly. In dance, especially in ballet, a love-duet sequence in a pas de deux.


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Single sentences from the WIPs I have ongoing.

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I got my contract yesterday and signed it today. The relocation people are looking for houses for me and I'm scared to death.

I still don't know exactly when I'll be moving over due to various stuff going on at work and the timing of a trip to Tokyo for me. I've done virtually no packing, well sorting out, as the removal company does the packing. But there's certain things I don't want to take with me and there's certainly things I don't want strangers packing, if you know what I mean.

I've booked my trip to a friends wedding in Boston at the end of May. Actually if you used to read Azrael's fics on Wraithbait, it's her wedding, and I'm very excited. Never been to Boston before so any tips for what to see and do gladly accepted. She's promised to take me to the Cape and do the whole Memorial Day BBQ thing with me, which is very cool.

Oh, and I've fallen in love with Leverage and Nate/Elliot as a pairing.
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I think I like it. Maybe not as pacey as some of the US episodes, but Jamie Bamber is very cute in it. Harriet Walter, one of my favourite actresses, is under used though. Definitely worth a watch if you like the US version and for you folks in the US, you'll love the wigs!

Thank you

Feb. 14th, 2009 11:29 pm
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I got a lovely v-gift off [ profile] mckays_girl Thank you. 
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It's a little early, I know, but I just saw this on the BBC news site. It's the Red Arrows Synchro Pair practicing their "heart" maneuvre for Valentine's Day over Lincoln Cathedral.

I watched a great documentary a while back about the Red Arrows and now it's on YouTube here. Even if you don't want to watch it all parts 5 and 6 are pretty cool, if only because the Red Arrows guys are amazingly understated when they turn up for the Quebec air show compared to the Thunderbirds and the Blue Angels. There's discussion, perhaps even gentle mocking, of the 'spray on flight suits' that the Blue Angels wear compared to the rather more roomy suits the Arrows wear.
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Today there was a 3 star rated Severn Bore, on Thursday there's supposed to be a 4 star bore. To most folks outside the UK this is probably utterly meaningless but go with me on this. 

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There's a guy a work who regularly gets what he wants to say mixed up. Some of the things he comes out with are hysterical and we keep a record of them for posterity. I thought I'd share a couple of the corkers with you guys, just to give you a laugh.

We have to nail it in the bud!

He's the knowledge of all truth.

The answers my friend are lying in the wind.

They're going to go where the shit's on fire

I won't give them that Jack of Aces...ace of spades...that card (this one was today)

And the best one ever is...

Suck it and weep
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Can be heard here. They're a bit too footley, meandering jazz meets something like Pink Floyd and something else for me but I can appreciate it's good if you like that sort of thing. And they're all very good musicians.

Also, on the plus side, he didn't permanently injure himself when a wooden peg up that he was making for the yurt they're building flicked up into his head. It hit him, blunt end first fortunately, right between the eyes. The hazards of yurt building I guess.
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Title: Inventiveness
Rating: NC-17 (D/s, bondage & some pain)
Pairing: McShep
Spoilers: none
Notes: I've had this on my machine for a while and for some reason today seemed to be the day to finish it off and tidy it up.

Summary: Rodney is at his best when he thinks outside the box.


Sometimes Rodney surprised even himself... )
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A friend sent me the link to this. It's a kid after he's been to the dentist and he is seriously tripping. Very funny.

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It's all been a bit hectic really, as you probably gathered from the lack of interaction here. I went to Sweden for a meeting, what seems like months ago now but was just before Pegasus 4. Then there was Peg 4, which was fab and I fully intend post my pics from at some point. Christopher Heyerdahl is a sweetheart and meeting up with lots of folks was great. I also now have a signed copy of Recipes from Pegasus that's going in a charity auction at some point.

After Peg 4 I went back to Sweden for a meeting to discuss moving over there. The meeting was good, as was the tour around the region, and I met up with some friends for the weekend. I finally got a formal (if not written) offer to go over there. I know the role, the wages (pretty damn good, frankly) and other bits and bobs. 32 days vacation per year, on top of public holidays! I am so chuffed.

When I was over there one of the guys had a cold and I caught it. Felt shocking all week. Oh, and I had a flat tyre when I got back to the airport after Sweden. I had to wait for the RAC in the snow. Nightmare.

On Thursday I found out about some other news about the job (confirmed on Friday) and I'll be moving over to work on Android rather than Symbian. This will mean something if you know something about mobile phone development. This of course means that not only do I have to move countries (and house and car etc) I have to hand my job and six years of knowledge to someone else. Probably someone who doesn't speak that good English. Oh, and I think there may be a trip to Japan in my furure. It's going to be busy!

Oh, and I'm working over at Crossroads now too. Why do I do this to myself?

On the plus side I just had some fantastic duck for dinner :-)
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This made me laugh out loud when it appeared on TV a few minutes ago. It's both disturbing and very funny.

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The best video of an animal enjoying the snow, ever.
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Just been super busy, although the sticking cold I have made me pray for death for a couple of days.

On a vaguely interesting note I've started (first one today) posting micro-fictions on Twitter. It's about all I can write at the moment due to stuff in RL. Read them here tagged #MF.
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It's from an Australian paper and it's advertising at its best.

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....what do I need to pack for Pegasus 4? How dressed up are the parties? I'm asking because I've got to pack tomorrow (dropping the cat of Tuesday evening) and then I'm off to Sweden on Wednesday. Any advice from the old hands?
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Ricardo Montalban has died. He was 88 so he had a good run at it. Still, it's a shame as he always made me smile as he looked like he was having fun no matter what he did.


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