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I've finally gotten round to creating a couple of galleries for the Stargate panels. I'll do the Joss Weadon and general ones later when the jet lag isn't killing me.

Here's the SG-1 panel. And you can witness my sad, sad obsession with Joe Flanigan here, in the SGA panel.

If you take any of them, please credit me. Also, I don't know the best place to put them for SG1 fans to see them. Any clues?

I had such a fabulous time and met up with some brilliant folks that I still haven't processed it yet really. That, and I'm really, really tired still :-)
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As it'll be Tuesday before I can get to a good laptop to tidy up my pics I thought I'd post a couple more to let people see how beautiful The Flan is.

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I haven't posted all the time I've been here at Comic Con as I'm a terrible, terrible person. On the plus side I've taken about eleven billion pictures during the Stargate panels this morning, a couple of which might be good.

Here's a taster
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I'm so excited. I'm finishing off packing, with the usual feeling I've forgotten loads of stuff, and then I'm heading off to mum and dad's for the evening. Then to the airport tomorrow morning. Woohoo!

The week after I get to meet [ profile] sulien77, [ profile] girly_curl_3, [ profile] mckays_girl, [ profile] ionaonie, [ profile] adafrog and probably some more folks too. There is so much squeeing in my head it's untrue.

And that's not even thinking about the fact that Joe Flanigan, Ben Browder, Joss Whedon, RDA, John Barrowman and the Mythbusters will all be at ComicCon. I might just die of squee.

Also, I get to see my cat at my folks house as she's been over there since last weekend as I've been in Sweden for most of this week. It's weird being in the house without her. I miss the little madam.


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