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Okay, so I've rolled these up as I kind of missed some days due to being in the air, stuck in Copenhagen or jet lagged.

Happiness for day 6 was bing upgraded to business class again for the return journey. This mostly made up for the 4 hour delay with made me miss my connecting flight. Hence the being stuck in Copenhagen.

Happiness for day 7 was kind of tough to come up with, due to being trapped in the Park Inn at Copenhagen airport. It's not a bad hotel (not like when I got delayed last time and ended up in a hotel that resembled a mental institution somewhere out in Brondby) but not very exciting. The happiness was getting home, well to my folks house, and seeing the cat. Not that she was that interested in me. Had a bit of a fuss and then took herself off back up stairs to sleep in the wardrobe. She's staying there now, at my folks house not specifically in the wardrobe, until I move her to Sweden. Miss her a lot. Oh, also United (Manchester United) beat Porto. Don't worry we'll loose to Arsenal in the next round.

Happiness for day 8...TV that's not CNN :-) God how that channel sucks.
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Today's happiness was shopping. I know that's kind of pathetic and girly but I did find the perfect gift for my friend's wedding. I spent a good two hours wandering round the kitchen shop district of Tokyo, poking in pottery shops and laughing at the replica food shops. It's big here, replica food. There was a full size pizza made of whatever plastic it is they use that was on sale that I thought about buying but it was so heavy...and pointless.

The thing that amused me most was though this

That's about £1500 worth of adult human sized lobster, holding a menu board. Now if I was five, say, there's a chance I'd be scared to death by that thing looming over me and I might throw a fit of the screaming ab-dabs at the entrance to any place that had one of these. Weird, how that thought as an adult made me smile.

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I paddled in the Pacific! That means I've done both sides as it were, California and Japan. When I was little the Pacific Ocean seemed like another planet, not just the other side of this one. I never imagined I'd have visited it even once, let alone both sides of it, even up to about seven or eight years ago. My job has offered me huge opportunities to travel and has paid me enough to indulge in my own travel too. So, the happiness is more about counting my blessings than actually seeing the ocean I guess. Although that was pretty damn cool too.

The view from Yuigahama beach, in Kamakura.

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Despite the fact that my feet and legs are killing me I've had a good day sight-seeing in Tokyo. Kept thinking 'ooo I'll post that' but in the end the thing that made me most happy today was this

It's a foot massager and it's awesome.
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The haze cleared enough this morning that I got to see Mount Fugi, which was a nice surprise when I opened my curtains this morning. I'm hoping for a better view when I get out of the city later in the weekend but still it was pretty awesome.

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Eight Days of Happiness (seen everywhere)

1. Post about something that made you happy today, even if it's just a small thing.

2. Do this every day for eight days.

(I'm not going to tag people because I'm not even sure I can do this for every one of the days due to travel and I won't anyone else on the spot)


Hanami in Tokyo - literally flower viewing. It's basically going and sitting under the blossoms and eating and drinking. I've just come back to the hotel from an evening sat on the floor, which killed my hips, knees and back, but it was worth it. Also, a little giddy on plum wine :-)

Sakura - cherry blossom



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