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I was supposed to be writing this weekend because I've totally not written anything for ages and so far I've done maybe a paragraph. I just can't focus. I even know, mostly, where the story is going, I just can't write it. I feel all weird, restless and unsettled. Maybe it's stress from work, maybe it's because I need to get out of the house and interact with humans instead of trying to write, maybe it's because I need to take more exercise because all I do is sit on the sofa and pretend to write and I feel fat and tired. 

Now the weekend is nearly gone and I'm frustrated. Well, not completely gone but I have to get changed and go to my folks for an early dinner because we're off to see the Halle Orchestra perform Handel's Messiah tonight (which should be good).

Then it's work tomorrow and whilst I get well paid for my job it's driving me crazy. I spend all day chasing people to do the jobs they're supposed to do anyway and then firefighting for people messing up. We work in a fairly fluid environment for a team that has to be flexible and open to change, which means having people who want to follow time plans rigidly but won't follow the processes is a real frustration. Oh, and writing reports. I write and present slightly different reports three times in a week, to three slightly different audiences, who ask slightly different questions.

And my ears and head are super itchy. It's psoriasis, probably brought on by stress (and conditioner that doesn't agree with me).

Oh, and the cat threw up on my Persian rug this morning. I have wooden floors all through the house so she makes a special trip to throw up on the only patch of carpet.

Okay, whining over.

On the plus side, I have baked four different types of cookies for work. Chocolate chip, peanut butter, sultana oat and cherry coconut. You see I'm kind of schizophrenic about my attitude to my co-workers. They make me mad but I bring them cookies. Screwed up much?


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