May. 17th, 2009 08:23 pm
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It's been a while since I posted and now I'm just dashing in to share this as it tickled me no end. I promise to try to do an update with stuff about Sweden etc tomorrow. Sufice it to say, not redundent (phew) but Sweden is a land of dull shoes. Sorry Swedish f-list chums, but I want shoes for a wedding and all I can have is black or brown in the right sort of styles or canvas sneakers! Arrgggghhhh!

Anyway, teh funny

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After what feels like an epic move, even though it wasn't, I'm set up in Lund. I'm in a temporary place that is nice but lacking in a few basics. There's no iron or clothes hangers! I've told the agency that they need to provide them because I'm not buying them when I have perfectly good ones arriving with all my stuff in June. We'll see what happens with that. Oh and the TV didn't work at first. I had to put new batteries in the remote and then I found out someone had set the language to Portugese and detuned all the channels! Fools.

I've also forgotten a few vital things, like a hair band to put my shaggy mop in a pony tail when I go to bed. And I forgot to buy one today. I also forgot all the details to the wedding I'm going to in Boston. I made sure I was putting the invite in the pile of stuff to go and yet it's not here. I'll be asking for all the details in an e-mail just to be awkward.

I also managed to not pack enough travel adapters so I can plug in all my stuff. I thought I put loads in but was clearly counting the 2 I did include several times each. Good job I found some today, but they were expensive multi-country ones. Nevermind I can use them when I travel...except I already managed to bring the ones I need for the US with me. Oh well.

After some self doubt on the first night, due I'm sure to lack of sleep the previous night and a day's travelling, I'm now fairly confident that it'll all be okay. I actually managed to speak to my boss today and the guy I had to report to due to the boss being in Stockholm seemed pleased to see me. He even had something he wanted me to do, which is better than the guy I share an office with who's been here 3 weeks and is still reading stuff as there's nothing to do.

Of course the company is having another round of restructuring so there's a chance I'll be told on Friday that I might not have a job. Won't that be fun? I think it's a very slim chance but never the less there is one. Mind you Friday is better than in a month's time when I've got my stuff over here.

Right, off to do RL stuff with money and houses. Joy!
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This is the last post until I get set up in Sweden. I fly out on Monday but the broadband is going off first thing tomorrow. How will I live?

I'm nervous I think but it's all buried under the knowledge about the packing/sorting I have to do. 2 full days left but still loads to do. On the plus side the cat now has her passport but I'm not moving her over until July. She's going to continue to stay at mum and dad's, driving them mad by galloping round the house at 4 in the morning. She is not the lightest footed of felines.

Just ripping the last of my cds, while I still have an internet connection, on to my hard drive so I can leave most of them behind. Most of the furniture has been given away/sold so I'm sat on a garden chair with things balanced on a very wobbly table that was in the shed and suffered rather badly when the roof leaked in there. That's going to the tip on Sunday. The lawn chairs are coming with me.

Having a leaving do on Sunday at my folks. Lots of family coming. Some of whom I've not seen for an age. I know I've going to another country but it's only 1.5 hours away! I'm quite sure I'll see some of these folks as often as I do now (xmas and a couple of other times a year). Mad really, but quite sweet.

So that's about it. See you all on the flip side.


Apr. 2nd, 2009 08:55 pm
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So, in case I don't get online for a while, I'm off to Tokyo on Saturday. Excited and kind of a little freaked due to only getting the final go ahead today. I've not packed anything and I have no clue what to take. I feel like I should be dressing kind of smartly but they've all seen me looking like my usual scruff-bag self in the office in the UK already. So, I'm thinking smart-ish jeans and something a little better than a grubby t-shirt. The big problem is that I've packed up a fair number of my clothes for the move to Sweden. Ho hum.

I've got 9 or 10 days in Tokyo, depending on the return flight I actually get. I'm on the waiting list for the 14th but booked on the 15th. That means I've got 4 days of planned work and then the rest is technically mine, but I suspect there might be some work. Emma, the girl I'm handing over too is planning some drinking and eating, which is fab, but I'm currently reading guide books to decide where to go. Got a couple of ideas but I'll see how it goes. Photos may follow...oooo charge the camera battery. Something else for the to-do list.

On the plus side, today I bought myself a new jacket and a dress. The jacket is a kind of subdued turquoise and in the style of a denim jacket. Casual but not scruffy. The dress is for Azrael's wedding in Boston at the end of May. It's this one and I really love it. The mix of colours mean that I'm almost certain to find something in the way of shoes and jacket to go with it. And it's not so smart that I'll never wear it again.

Right, I think that's all the news. Well, except that most everyone else has left the office on Tuesday so it's a bit weird at work. Also the swap from UK to Swedish contract has been a bit of a farce. I couldn't log on for 3 hours Wednesday and now I can't enter any time sheets as my SAP account has been screwed up. But I've got my temporary apartment as well as my permanent place sorted in Lund. I've got my Swedish bank sorted so it's all moving along.

Right, better go and stare at my clothes and hope inspiration strikes.


Mar. 24th, 2009 09:47 pm
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Many things. I have a move date of 4th May to go to Sweden. Scary!

But they have found me a house that I can have in the middle of June. So 6 weeks in a serviced apartment and then move to the farm...literally. It's a barn conversion on a little farm outside Staffanstorp. It's lovely and I'm really pleased. There's an orchard that I get the apples from for pies, strawberries, a nice open garden, great landlord and a discount on the holiday cottages they own on Gotland. How cool is that?

The removal firm woman came round today to do the survey about what I'm taking and stuff. She said 'oh, books!' when she came into the living room. Yes, I read. What of it?

I'm off to Tokyo in the first week in April too. Might see the cherry blossom, but I think I'll be a bit late and maybe only catch the tail end. Still, exciting. Not booked the flights yet and not sure how many extra days I'm staying but a few as it seems silly to go all that way and not see the place. Going to be really hard work though as I have to handover 6 years of stuff from my head to people who don't speak very good English in 4 days.

Oh, and my boss said today that I'm really needed on the new project as they need the test strategy set. No time to get up to speed then? Marvelous :-)
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I got my contract yesterday and signed it today. The relocation people are looking for houses for me and I'm scared to death.

I still don't know exactly when I'll be moving over due to various stuff going on at work and the timing of a trip to Tokyo for me. I've done virtually no packing, well sorting out, as the removal company does the packing. But there's certain things I don't want to take with me and there's certainly things I don't want strangers packing, if you know what I mean.

I've booked my trip to a friends wedding in Boston at the end of May. Actually if you used to read Azrael's fics on Wraithbait, it's her wedding, and I'm very excited. Never been to Boston before so any tips for what to see and do gladly accepted. She's promised to take me to the Cape and do the whole Memorial Day BBQ thing with me, which is very cool.

Oh, and I've fallen in love with Leverage and Nate/Elliot as a pairing.
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It's all been a bit hectic really, as you probably gathered from the lack of interaction here. I went to Sweden for a meeting, what seems like months ago now but was just before Pegasus 4. Then there was Peg 4, which was fab and I fully intend post my pics from at some point. Christopher Heyerdahl is a sweetheart and meeting up with lots of folks was great. I also now have a signed copy of Recipes from Pegasus that's going in a charity auction at some point.

After Peg 4 I went back to Sweden for a meeting to discuss moving over there. The meeting was good, as was the tour around the region, and I met up with some friends for the weekend. I finally got a formal (if not written) offer to go over there. I know the role, the wages (pretty damn good, frankly) and other bits and bobs. 32 days vacation per year, on top of public holidays! I am so chuffed.

When I was over there one of the guys had a cold and I caught it. Felt shocking all week. Oh, and I had a flat tyre when I got back to the airport after Sweden. I had to wait for the RAC in the snow. Nightmare.

On Thursday I found out about some other news about the job (confirmed on Friday) and I'll be moving over to work on Android rather than Symbian. This will mean something if you know something about mobile phone development. This of course means that not only do I have to move countries (and house and car etc) I have to hand my job and six years of knowledge to someone else. Probably someone who doesn't speak that good English. Oh, and I think there may be a trip to Japan in my furure. It's going to be busy!

Oh, and I'm working over at Crossroads now too. Why do I do this to myself?

On the plus side I just had some fantastic duck for dinner :-)
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I've taken the Christmas tree down and packed away all the decorations. I guess that's it all over for another year. Again, another big thank you to all for the gifts and presents. It was weird taking down the decorations and tree because it made me realize this'll probably be my last Christmas in this house because I think next year I'll be in Sweden. It's scary and weird and a shame because I love this house, even if the boiler is flaky and there's a patch of damp appearing by the chimney in the loft. Also the bathroom suite is avocodo and makes a little nauseous every time I go in there.

This year is going to be a big year, either moving to Sweden or taking the redundancy. I'm still not sure which I'll do. The default choice is to go I think as my boss really wants me to go and the deal for relocation is very good, but I still don't know all the details. On the other hand the redundancy money will be good and I could get the bathroom, the damp and the boiler fixed, but that assumes I could find another job. The current job market is scary and I hate job hunting.

On to other, less terrifying things, my friend Steve and I have decided to go to Comic Con in 2010. We're going to do a road trip down from San Fransisco to San Diego and see the sights on the way. I'm very excited and it's over 18 months away. Of course it could all go wrong in Sweden and I'll have to use my savings to move my stuff back to the UK. We'll see. It does help that I've got enough frequent flyer points to get me a business return to anywhere in the world so at least I don't have to save for that.

I watched Vegas today. I enjoyed it. Not the best episode ever but never the less enjoyable. I'm not saying more in case people haven't seen it yet.

I've started writing a story, which I hope will work out well, but at my usual slow pace could take a while. Especially with all the RL stuff going on. Of course I couldn't start it at the beginning of my festive vacation. No, I have to start it the day before I go back to work. Foolish girl.


Sep. 29th, 2008 09:33 pm
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Today I found out that they're shutting the office where I work down in March next year. I might moan about it but I actually enjoy my job and I don't want to go. They might offer me a chance to move to Sweden, which I might consider, but I'm not sure. It's all a bit depressing really.


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