Jan. 4th, 2009

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I've taken the Christmas tree down and packed away all the decorations. I guess that's it all over for another year. Again, another big thank you to all for the gifts and presents. It was weird taking down the decorations and tree because it made me realize this'll probably be my last Christmas in this house because I think next year I'll be in Sweden. It's scary and weird and a shame because I love this house, even if the boiler is flaky and there's a patch of damp appearing by the chimney in the loft. Also the bathroom suite is avocodo and makes a little nauseous every time I go in there.

This year is going to be a big year, either moving to Sweden or taking the redundancy. I'm still not sure which I'll do. The default choice is to go I think as my boss really wants me to go and the deal for relocation is very good, but I still don't know all the details. On the other hand the redundancy money will be good and I could get the bathroom, the damp and the boiler fixed, but that assumes I could find another job. The current job market is scary and I hate job hunting.

On to other, less terrifying things, my friend Steve and I have decided to go to Comic Con in 2010. We're going to do a road trip down from San Fransisco to San Diego and see the sights on the way. I'm very excited and it's over 18 months away. Of course it could all go wrong in Sweden and I'll have to use my savings to move my stuff back to the UK. We'll see. It does help that I've got enough frequent flyer points to get me a business return to anywhere in the world so at least I don't have to save for that.

I watched Vegas today. I enjoyed it. Not the best episode ever but never the less enjoyable. I'm not saying more in case people haven't seen it yet.

I've started writing a story, which I hope will work out well, but at my usual slow pace could take a while. Especially with all the RL stuff going on. Of course I couldn't start it at the beginning of my festive vacation. No, I have to start it the day before I go back to work. Foolish girl.


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