Jan. 13th, 2009

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Today we had a 'come to Sweden, it's great' meeting at work for those who are moving. Of course none of us know if we're really moving yet as we haven't had firm offers or details of jobs or pay. What? Still? I hear you say. Yes, sometimes I wonder if I should move as there's a phrase about piss-ups, breweries and organisational abilities that spring to mind to do with my company. Anyway, that aside it was quite a good meeting and I found out some useful stuff.

I shall be visiting there twice in the next two weeks so I guess I'll be seeing a bit of it. A week from today I'll drop the cat off at mum and dad's and then on Wednesday evening I fly to Lund for a meeting on Thursday. On the plus side I'm staying at a nice hotel for the Wednesday night, not that I'll see it that much. On Thursday a night at the Hilton at Copenhagen, which is nice. Then I fly back to the UK, but not to Manchester, to Heathrow, because it's Pegasus 4. Woohoo. Still not sure how I'll get back from London but I guess train.

Wednesday the week after it's our 'pre-visit' to Lund, where the company take us round, show us stuff, talk about tax etc. The company pay for it all and they pay for Friday and Saturday nights at the Malmo Hilton which will just be holiday. My mate is coming out to meet up and we're going shopping in Copenhagen.

I get back on the Sunday and collect the cat from the parents. Cool, but busy.

Oh, and my friend has invited me to her wedding in Boston in May. I really want to go but I'm just not sure with the whole moving to Sweden thing. It's not the money but the time. May would be the time I have to really panic if I haven't found somewhere of my own to rent rather than the serviced apartment work pay for. Of course, I think I will have found somewhere and I hope to be moving in then. Still, that'll require time as I'll have to make sure everything here is packed. Not sure what to do really. I'll have to think about it for a while.


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