May. 5th, 2009

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After what feels like an epic move, even though it wasn't, I'm set up in Lund. I'm in a temporary place that is nice but lacking in a few basics. There's no iron or clothes hangers! I've told the agency that they need to provide them because I'm not buying them when I have perfectly good ones arriving with all my stuff in June. We'll see what happens with that. Oh and the TV didn't work at first. I had to put new batteries in the remote and then I found out someone had set the language to Portugese and detuned all the channels! Fools.

I've also forgotten a few vital things, like a hair band to put my shaggy mop in a pony tail when I go to bed. And I forgot to buy one today. I also forgot all the details to the wedding I'm going to in Boston. I made sure I was putting the invite in the pile of stuff to go and yet it's not here. I'll be asking for all the details in an e-mail just to be awkward.

I also managed to not pack enough travel adapters so I can plug in all my stuff. I thought I put loads in but was clearly counting the 2 I did include several times each. Good job I found some today, but they were expensive multi-country ones. Nevermind I can use them when I travel...except I already managed to bring the ones I need for the US with me. Oh well.

After some self doubt on the first night, due I'm sure to lack of sleep the previous night and a day's travelling, I'm now fairly confident that it'll all be okay. I actually managed to speak to my boss today and the guy I had to report to due to the boss being in Stockholm seemed pleased to see me. He even had something he wanted me to do, which is better than the guy I share an office with who's been here 3 weeks and is still reading stuff as there's nothing to do.

Of course the company is having another round of restructuring so there's a chance I'll be told on Friday that I might not have a job. Won't that be fun? I think it's a very slim chance but never the less there is one. Mind you Friday is better than in a month's time when I've got my stuff over here.

Right, off to do RL stuff with money and houses. Joy!


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