Feb. 7th, 2009

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It's all been a bit hectic really, as you probably gathered from the lack of interaction here. I went to Sweden for a meeting, what seems like months ago now but was just before Pegasus 4. Then there was Peg 4, which was fab and I fully intend post my pics from at some point. Christopher Heyerdahl is a sweetheart and meeting up with lots of folks was great. I also now have a signed copy of Recipes from Pegasus that's going in a charity auction at some point.

After Peg 4 I went back to Sweden for a meeting to discuss moving over there. The meeting was good, as was the tour around the region, and I met up with some friends for the weekend. I finally got a formal (if not written) offer to go over there. I know the role, the wages (pretty damn good, frankly) and other bits and bobs. 32 days vacation per year, on top of public holidays! I am so chuffed.

When I was over there one of the guys had a cold and I caught it. Felt shocking all week. Oh, and I had a flat tyre when I got back to the airport after Sweden. I had to wait for the RAC in the snow. Nightmare.

On Thursday I found out about some other news about the job (confirmed on Friday) and I'll be moving over to work on Android rather than Symbian. This will mean something if you know something about mobile phone development. This of course means that not only do I have to move countries (and house and car etc) I have to hand my job and six years of knowledge to someone else. Probably someone who doesn't speak that good English. Oh, and I think there may be a trip to Japan in my furure. It's going to be busy!

Oh, and I'm working over at Crossroads now too. Why do I do this to myself?

On the plus side I just had some fantastic duck for dinner :-)
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A friend sent me the link to this. It's a kid after he's been to the dentist and he is seriously tripping. Very funny.


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